New WoW Hacks for Patch 5.2 World of Warcraft

Patch 5.2 is right around the corner and that means new wow hacks are as well! Using wow hacks can be dangerous for your account because there is high risk of getting banned, but if you are smart when using the hacks and dont over do it, then you can use them to your advantage and have lots of fun at the same time.

Features of the new wow hacks

Speed hack

The 5.2 speed hack is updated to allow you to speed hack in WoW Pandaria. The speed hack will allow you to move at any speed desired. You could increase your speed to 1000% and run 4 times faster than any mount.

Super Jump

Be able to jump insanely high. You can jump to areas you would not normally be able to access and jump away before you die in pvp.


WoW Hacks

Using hacks in World of Warcraft can be very fun, but also very dangerous to your account. If you are going to hack on your account, then it is best to be using a new account that you are okay with getting banned. Using hacks is more for the thrill, rather than benefiting your character in world of warcraft. If you are trying to find a cheat that will help your account get better and don’t want to risk getting banned, then your best bet is using our WoW Bot, rather than a wow hack.

Difference between bots and hacks in WoW

WoW Hacks

Hack in the world of warcraft are not commonly used or seen. Blizzard is on top of banning hackers and getting rid of any hack programs on the market, because it effects the game far more than bots can. WoW Hacks will generally do things like duplicate items,  fly with no flying mount, run through the ground, and have insanely fast speed that cannot normally be obtained in World of Warcraft, even with an epic mount and speed increase buffs.

The time of hacks in world of warcraft has to an end as world of warcraft gets better and better at preventing these programs in their game. If you find a hack for wow I would suggest using it on a throw away account that you won’t care if it gets banned. Blizzard knows how to detect unnatural things like this and will immediately ban you for doing so.

WoW Bots

A World of Warcraft bot is used to automate game play, but will not do anything that a normal player couldn’t do themselves. A wow bot will generally appear as a real player just grinding on their character or leveling. They use spells and fight monsters just as any other player would. Bots are used to benefit your character and save you time in the game instead of having to waste mindless hours grinding gold and levels.

On popular feature of our wow bot is the silverbolt wow bot. The silverbolt will use your flying mount and fly around and gather herbs and ore. It will fly high in the air and come down only when it detects a herb or node on the ground. The bot will fly directly down to gather and then immediately get back on its mount and fly back up to look for more to gather. This feature is amazing because normal players will not even see you since you are constantly in the air and is also a great way to make some extra gold in the game. Once your bags are full with herbs and ore, the bot will go to your bank and deposit and then continue gathering more! You can also customize the bot to log out after a certain amount of herbs and ore are gathered.

If you would like to try the wow bot you can find it on our website at wow mimic.


World of Warcraft Hacks was once a world of warcraft hack program, but is no longer being updated and no longer works with the game. World of Warcraft hacks are no longer around and the best thing you can get is wow bots. Although wow bots are not the same as hacks, they still enhance the quality of game play by a lot. No one wants to waste hours grinding gold just so they can go on the raid with their guild. Some people just don’t have this kind of spare time due to having jobs, families and other more important obligations.

Qwerxy World of Warcraft Hack

The world of warcraft hack made by qwerxy was capable of walking through land, running at lightning speeds and doing other unbelievable things in WoW. Hacks can ruin a game much more than a bot can, so blizzard is always on top of keeping hacks out of their game. If you use a wow hack, you are likely to get banned, so you wouldn’t want to use one on your main account. Using a hack is more for the fun of being able to cheat the game instead automating game play like bots do.

Using WoW Bots

If you are a fan of using cheats in the World of Warcraft than you are best off with using wow bots. Not only are wow bots safer than using hacks, but they can also benefit you in the game much more over time than a world of warcraft hack will. WoW Bots automate game play in WoW, but they do not alter how the game is played, your character will play as a normal player, which can’t be detected by blizzard.

Why use WoW Bots?

If you don’t like wasting hours of your time in World of Warcraft and don’t have access to a wow hack, then you are best off using a wow bot. By using a wow bot you will be able to farm gold for your characters and be the richest player in the game. Some people who use wow bots get so rich that they end up selling some of their gold for real life money! As you get better at using the wow bot, you will also get better at getting more gold on your characters and have better results from using the wow bot. It can be some what difficult to use wow bots at first because the program can be over whelming, but we offer unlimited support for people who are having trouble using their wow bot. You can also find a series of videos on setting up your bot and how to customize it to your liking. Try the wow bot for only 99 cents and see for yourself.